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Arewa Ladies4Tech program powered by DSNai is aimed at the young women in Northern Nigeria. The program aims to teach them valuable tech skills in Hausa, in a snackable audio format. The program offers comprehensive training in Python Programming, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence taught in their local language, Hausa.

About Arewa Ladies4Tech

Arewa Ladies4Tech is a pioneering program that is empowering women in Northern Nigeria through Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which is powered by DSNai (also known as Data Science Nigeria).

Our comprehensive training and mentorship program gives participants the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in tech careers. Classes are available in Hausa in a snackable audio format, making them accessible to women in rural and semi-urban areas.

With the support of Google.Org, our goal is to train 5,000 women and girls, breaking down barriers and bridging the tech gender gap in the region. We believe that technology has the power to transform lives, and with Arewa Ladies4Tech, we are committed to creating a more inclusive and empowered digital ecosystem for women in Northern Nigeria.

This is your chance to join a transformative journey and build a brighter future for yourself and your community. Register now for Arewa Ladies4Tech!

Project Objectives

Some of the key project objectives for Arewa Ladies4Tech include enhancing the representation of women in the tech industry, particularly in Northern Nigeria. The program aims to establish a strong pipeline of female tech talent in the region.

Additionally, it seeks to create a sustainable training model, delivering technical topics in local languages for accessible consumption. Another significant objective is to challenge prevailing stereotypes and biases surrounding women’s roles in the tech industry.

Empowering women in tech - be part of the movement with Arewa Ladies4Tech

Project Details

Arewa Ladies4Tech employs an accessible online platform, offering participants byte-sized audio classes in their native language. This user-friendly approach ensures easy comprehension and convenience. Through this platform, aspiring female tech enthusiasts can access valuable knowledge, empowering them to thrive in the digital landscape.


Starts August 15, 2023


Ladies Only

About DSNai

Data Scientists Network, formerly known as Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enterprise committed to building Africa’s AI talents ecosystem, and developing solutions for governance, education, health, retail, and finance.

Our mandate is to raise 1 million AI talents in Nigeria and prepare them for the future of work, while developing Artificial Intelligence solutions to improve the quality of life of 2 billion people in emerging markets, accelerating AI start-ups and activating digital transformation for organizations in Africa.

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Localized Teaching In Hausa Language

Classes available in Audio Format

Snackable byte-size classes

Expert Instructors

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